Custom Mosaics

While the bulk of my pieces are ready-made, I also create custom mosaics that are made-to-order. I can make them in any shape you like or as crosses, mirrors, serving trays, photo frames, and wooden containers. Anything is possible!

I recently created several custom pieces for clients. These were made-to-order to my clients’ specifications. I am also happy to provide some ideas for a personalized gift. For example, if you have some broken pieces of family china or vintage family jewelry it can be incorporated on a piece of wall art so that it is always visible.

These are examples of my most recent custom orders. Each of them was developed based upon the client’s interests and requests. Once I received information from the client, I incorporated my creativity into each piece. If you see anything on here or on my other pages that you are interested in, all you need to do is contact me. Then, we discuss what you would like to have made and I provide ideas that I think will match your specifications. Once we agree, I being creating your one-of-a-kind custom mosaic!

Custom made stained glass cross
The client requested a stained glass cross. This is what I created.
Custom made round mirror with red and pink mosaic

This client requested a round mirror and her favorite color was red. I incorporated that color so that color with using glass, rhinestones, jewelry, metal findings and beads.
Custom made round mirror with orange and yellow mosaic

This client requested a round mirror and their favorite color was orange. I incorporated the color using glass tiles, metal and glass beads, millefiori and floral beads.
Custom made stained glass cross with red, white, and blue glass and God Bless Texas

This client requested a cross with the saying “God Bless Texas” on it and colors that represented the state flag of Texas.